We are a family-owned operation based out of Seattle, Washington. Our “girls” are the inspiration behind our business. We keep our inventory small, and we (along with our discerning equine companions) personally review the majority of our products before they go to our sales floor. If our animals don’t approve of a product, we won’t sell it, period.

Social responsibility is at the core of our business. We are very conscientious when it comes to the health of our animals and the environment, so we try to stock all-natural and organic products whenever possible. We’re also grateful for all that our horses do for us, and passionate about giving back to equine rescue services and other horse-related charitable organizations.


IT Director

Lucie is a 19 year-old Hanoverian mare who is now retired from a long career as a successful showjumper and equitation horse, and is now living a life of leisure in the California sunshine as a part-time dressage mount for the Stanford University equestrian team.  

Chief Accountant

Violet is 16 year-old Belgian Warmblood who is still enjoying an active competition schedule on the jumper circuit. Her quiet and loving barn manners bely her fiery drive in the show ring. The only thing she loves more than jumping a fast round is a celebratory snow cone.  

Office Manager

No barn is complete without a barn dog. Our two year-old Boxer, Demi, acts as the canine ambassador for Queenside Tack, and it’s because of her that we offer a limited number of products for man’s best friend.

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